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New build and eco housing

The ultimate dream for many people is to design and build their own home. The cost of properties is ever increasing and this is a more cost effective option for those who have access to land.

The process starts with planning permission, which we can help you apply for with our team of experienced architects and engineers. These specialists are used to dealing with planning departments on a daily basis! Once drawings are completed and permission is obtained, we can carry out the construction phase with both new and traditional technologies and under current building regulations. The alternative is that you come to us with drawings and permission, and we take it from there.

The idea of an eco house may seem daunting to some, but our experienced architects can suggest many options that can help you design a more ecologically friendly home. For example, using new thermal insulation materials inside or outside the property can save you money in the long term and is better for the environment. Also, we can install equipment for generating energy such as solar panelling. This can be done to your existing property or a new build.

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What our clients say

Personally and also as an architect, I am extremely impressed by the quality of professionalism of this contractor based upon the work undertaken for me.

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